The Expert Team for ranking higher education institutions in Republic of Srpska continued its visit to higher education institutions in Republic of Srpska. Head of the Expert Team prof. Darko Petkovic, PhD and member of the team prof. Mile Dzelalija, PhD, with a represantative of the Agency for higher education of Republic of Srpska(online) during their visit to Trebinje on April 13, 2022, visited the College of Tourism and Hotel Management. At the meeting held by the Expert Team with the representatives of the higher education institution in Trebinje, it was emphasized that the project of ranking higher education institutions in Republic of Srpska for the first time provides a detailed insight into the real situation in higher education and everything that has been done in higher education institutions in the past ten years. During this meeting, members of the Expert Team gave clear guidelines on how to develop and improve international cooperation and scientific research.

Within the accreditation procedure, in the period from April 05 to April 08, 2022, the Panel of Experts visited the University Slobomir P in Bijeljina. The visit of the Panel of Experts to this higher education institution included interviews with teaching staff, students, university and faculty services, as well as other stakeholders. Through interviews, review of documentation and a tour of the physical resources of the University, the Panel gained an insight into the level of meeting requirements of standards and criteria for accreditation, about which a detailed report will be prepared in the coming period.

As part of the OCTRA project (Online Course Catalogues and Databases for Transparency and Recognition) аn online seminar was held on March 30, 2022, on guidelines for facilitating transparency and recognition through online course catalogues and databases. The seminar was organized by the Polish ENIC/NARIC center and the participants were partners of the OCTRA project. A representative of the Centre for Information and Recognition of Foreign Higer Education Qualification of Republic of Srpska also attended the seminar.

The Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (DG EAC) of the European Commission in cooperation with CIMEA, the Italian ENIC-NARIC centre, organised a webinar on the Ukrainian higher education system, its qualifications (including qualifications granting access to higher education), available tools for verification and information resources with the scope of providing training to support fast-track recognition of Ukrainian academic qualifications. A representative of the Center for the Recognition of Foreign Higher Education Qualifications of the Republic of Srpska attended an online seminar.
Katerina Suprun, from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Valentina Krasnoshchok, from the ENIC/NARIC Center of Ukraine presented the Ukrainian database on education and various types of higher education qualifications as well as the manner of verification of their authenticity.

The expert team for ranking higher education institutions in Republic of Srpska continued its external evaluation activities by visiting higher education institutions located in Prijedor. Members of the Expert Team prof. Darko Petkovic, PhD and prof. Mile Dzelalija, PhD, with AHERS coordinators, during their visit to Prijedor on March 24th visited the Faculty of Mining, University of Banja Luka, the Medical College and the College of Economics and Informatics.



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