Head title AVORS

Initial accreditation

Initial accreditation is the process of external evaluation of the quality of new higher education institutions and/or new study programs in order to determine whether the higher education institution meets the prescribed conditions and standards for making a recommendation on accreditation for the purpose of issuing a work permit to higher education institutions for the performance of activities and/or the execution of study programs .



Standards for initial accreditation

The main goals of quality assurance are: building a culture of quality in higher education, constant development of society and economy through improvement of the quality of higher education, involvement of all interested parties, especially students, in quality assurance processes, and harmonization with the European system of higher education. The quality assurance system in the higher education of Republic of Srpska is based on the principles of the development of the quality assurance system of higher education in accordance with European standards, partnership relations with higher education institutions, students and other interested parties, openness, professionalism and ethics in all quality assurance processes, independence in the processes ensuring the quality and objectivity of decisions on outcomes. The standards are an integral part of the quality assurance system of higher education in Republic of Srpska. The purpose of the Standard is to improve the quality of higher education in the Republic of Srpska, encourage the creation of an encouraging environment for the development of careers of highly educated experts in Republic of Srpska, and build trust between all interested parties in the higher education system. The standards are based on the principles of supporting the development of a culture of quality, taking into account the needs and expectations of students, other interested parties and society, and the responsibility of the higher education institution for its quality and its provision.