The sixth meeting of the Steering Committee of the project "Education and Employment" financed by the European Union was held on May 24, 2022 in Mostar, and brought together representatives of various institutions from all levels of education.The agency was represented by Assistant Director for Accreditation and International Cooperation Duska Radmanovic, who is also a member of the Project Steering Committee.
The meeting discussed the project progress report for the period October 2021-March 2022, as well as a review of the implementation of the conclusions adopted at previous meetings of the Steering Committee.

The Steering Board adopted the Proposal of the revised Model for the integration of digital and entrepreneurial key competencies in teaching and learning in primary and secondary schools, the Proposal of the possibility of introducing a system of monitoring graduate students in BiH. Members of the Board of Directors were informed about the nominations of study programs that educate teachers, which will be revised or developed, and teaching staff that will be trained.
The session also adopted information on trainings for employees in the ministries of education and pedagogical institutes, ie agencies, and on the pilot project of the External Examination of Learning Outcomes. Due to the urgency of starting the training process with the aim of developing tests for testing language and mathematical literacy according to the PISA research model, it was agreed to convene the Steering Committee again by the end of the week with only that item on the agenda.
The meeting also discussed the activities of working groups, as well as the participation of representatives of institutions in the work of 12 working groups in charge of achieving goals within the various components of the project.
The project includes four components related to different aspects of all education systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and includes all relevant education authorities.
The first component of the project "Transition from education to work" aims at strategic career guidance through lifelong learning, and the development of models of cooperation between educational institutions and the labor market, as well as career guidance centers.
The Agency for Higher Education of Republika Srpska is envisaged as one of the key partners within the second component of the project "Quality Assurance in Higher Education", which aims to develop qualification standards and occupational standards, as well as improve mechanisms for recognizing non-formal and informal education.
The third component of the project "Reform of initial teacher education" should lead to the development of study programs dealing with teacher education, as well as to influence the definition of standards for the quality of teacher work.
The fourth component of the project is "Human Resources Development in the Education Sector".
More information about the project is available at https://education4employment.eu/bs/.


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