Assistant Director for Accreditation and International Cooperation Duska Radmanovic and Expert Advisor for Accreditation Tatjana Radakovic participated in the third meeting of the Working Group for drafting the document "Models and Procedures of System Accreditation", which discussed the cluster accreditation model.
Radmanović was appointed a member of this working group, which also includes representatives of the Agency for the Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance, and the competent educational authorities and higher education institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which met for the third time on April 19.

At the meeting of the Working Group, recommendations related to the closer determination of accreditation of study programs according to the cluster model were finalized, and it was agreed for the next meeting that representatives of the Agency for Higher Education of the Republic of Srpska will present a review as a model of accreditation of study programs.
The Republic of Srpska Agency has so far accredited 69 study programs according to the review model, one procedure according to the cluster accreditation model has begun, and two more clusters in the field of engineering and technology are being prepared.


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