Central and Eastern European Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education – (CEENQA) on March 17, 2021 held the fourth in a series of two-month online meetings of representatives of the member agencies of the network, which was dedicated to the topic of distance learning and combined teaching methods in higher education in the post-pandemic period.

The presentation on the support of distance learning and combined teaching methods in higher education in the post-pandemic period was given by the Deputy Head of the Quality Assurance Department of Lali Giorgidze from the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement of Georgia – (NCEQE).

Head of the Planning, Research and International Relations Department of NCEQE Katja Tsiramua presented the structure, competencies and most important activities of the Georgian agency, while Deputy Director of the Center for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC) Aurelia Valeikiene presented the Lithuanian agency.

Both of these agencies use cluster accreditation as one of the mechanisms for ensuring the quality of study programs, for which the participants showed the greatest interest in terms of how to form a cluster, and how to implement the evaluation process.

The Agency for Higher Education of the Republic of Srpska was represented by the Head of the Department for Quality Assurance and International Cooperation, Duska Radmanovic, who has been a member of the CEENQA Executive Board since 2017. Radmanovic was appointed by the Executive Board as the coordinator of the working group for the next General Assembly of CEENQA, which has the topic of the work of higher education institutions during the corona virus pandemic. She presented the focus of this working group, and information on the exhibitors registered so far on these topics. She once again invited the representatives of the present agencies to apply for presentations within this working group, and shared positive experiences in the staff exchange program within the CEENQA program, which is being implemented for the sixth year in a row.

The meeting was attended by 34 representatives of network member agencies, and a new meeting of a similar type is planned to be held in May 2021.