On Tuesday, March 12, an online workshop was held at the University of East Sarajevo on the subject of accreditation of the University's study programs, in which a representative of the Agency for Higher Education of Republic of Srpska participated.

The thematic workshop was organized with the aim of preparing the study programs of the members of the Universty for the upcoming accreditation process and preparing the first reports on self-evaluation and quality assessment in accordance with the new standards for accreditation, prescribed by the Agency for Higher Education of Republic of Srpska.

During the workshop, Duska Radmanovic, MA, assistant director of the Agency for Higher Education of Republic of Srpska, presented the new Standards for the accreditation of study programs of the first and second cycle of studies.

The vice-rector for international cooperation and quality assurance, prof. Marko Gutalj, PhD and Quality Assurance Coordinator Jelena Gigovic spoke about the changes in the self-evaluation process at the University and the preparation of the reports themselves.

The workshop was attended by members of the commissions for the preparation of reports on self-evaluation and evaluation of the quality of study programs from all members of the University.