The Center for Information and Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CIP) organized a round table conference "Higher Education Reform - Impact on Recognition and Mobility" on November 24, 2021 in Mostar. The round table was attended by representatives of higher education institutions and institutions responsible for the recognition of foreign higher education qualifications from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Representatives of the Agency for Higher Education of the Republic of Srpska also took part in the event.
The activities regarding the implementation of international projects of the CIP were presented at the conference as well as the Recommendation on the assessment of foreign higher education qualifications in the recognition process and the Recommendation on the recognition of qualifications for access to higher education. Ilir Deda, an employee of the Regional Cooperation Council, presented the proposal of the Western Balkan Agreement on Recognition of Academic Qualifications, which should be signed by the six economies of the Western Balkans in the coming period. Representatives of the University of Mostar and the University of Herzegovina had presentations on student mobility and reform of priorities for the development of higher education which were followed by an interesting panel discussion.

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