The Agency for Higher Education of the Republic of Srpska has prepared a thematic analysis of online teaching in higher education during the extraordinary circumstances.

Since the current epidemiological measures do not recommend gathering a larger number of people, the Agency will present the results of the survey to the representatives of higher education institutions when the conditions for that are met.

In the meantime, the thematic analysis is available on the agency's website https://www.heaars.com/index.php/sr/ins-i-uci-vis-r-br-v-nj-r-publi-srps/tematske-analize.

The analysis included 146 study programs from 14 accredited higher education institutions. The agency prepared two questionnaires, one for academic staff and the other for students aimed at assessing the level of satisfaction with the quality of distance learning of key stakeholders.

The questionnaire for teaching staff was completed by 418 respondents, while the questionnaire for students was completed by 551 students.

The analysis showed that higher education institutions managed to organize distance learning very efficiently in a very short time. It is expected that there are certain differences in the implementation of teaching depending on the scientific field, which the analysis showed.

Although they expressed a high degree of satisfaction with the quality of distance learning, both students and teaching staff clearly stated that they prefer regular teaching, but that online platforms can be auxiliary mechanisms in the regular teaching process, especially in the second and third cycle.

The analysis was done in Serbian and English language and is available in electronic and printed forms.